Home loan choices

Your home loan choices will vary based on your intended purpose for the funds you wish to borrow and to best fit your individual circumstances and financial preferences. Take a moment to explore the most common uses for home finance and some options to consider in your product choice.

In our first meeting, we’ll spend some time upfront to identify important details of your intended use of the funds and clarify your individual circumstances, as they are now, and for the foreseeable future. This will help to narrow down home loan product choices based on your financial objectives and purpose.

Home purchase finance

Whether you’re a first home buyer or about to make the move to a more suitable property, I can take you through all home loan options to consider as well as key requirements along the loan application and settlement process. Questions to consider may include how much deposit is required, should I obtain a pre-approval, and what loan structure would best suit my needs?

Refinance or debt restructure

Regular review of your home loan or restructure of existing debt makes good sense and can often provide significant savings. Let me analyse and compare your current situation to the best deals in the market to identify where potential savings can be gained. Using equity in your home to get rid of high interest credit card and personal loan debt can save thousands and provide an efficient debt restructure strategy.

Access more equity

You may have heard the old expression “equity is lazy money”. And with recent growth in property values across many suburbs, you may now have some spare equity sitting around. I can show you how to access equity in your current home to help you purchase investment properties or for use toward other suitable investments.

Home renovation finance

Home renovation can often be much less expensive than moving home and also provides the opportunity to update living areas and spaces in your home as your needs change. Let me help you look at options to obtain the funds required and discuss loan structure and flexible options to make funds available as needed.

Property investment finance

If you’re looking for your first investment property or are a seasoned investor, I can assist.
I can take you through current and future loan structure options and considerations so that you are well placed to choose a suitable property finance option based on your short and long term goals.

First home buyer finance

Now that most government subsidies for new home buyers have been removed, choosing a competitive home loan rate with a flexible structure is more important than ever. I specialise in first home buyers and have over 10 years experience helping to guide new home buyers through the loan application process and will also be available to assist you with any questions or issues post settlement.

3 steps to home finance

  • 1

    Your requirements

    Thorough explanations with regular updates on progress and what you need to supply at each step

  • 2

    Your loan application

    A well constructed and clear loan application with fully supported documentation

  • 3

    Achieving loan settlement

    Troubleshooting between your conveyancer and lender to prevent issues with loan settlement

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